Russian as a foreign language

Русский язык, как иностранный

Имеются ли у вас друзья или знакомые заграничного происхождения, которые до сих пор 🙄 не говорят по-русски?

Если да, то обратите их внимание на эту страничку с предложением изучать русский язык, как иностранный (Russian as a foreign language).

И познакомьтесь с нашим преподавателем Яна Урсу, которая проводит уроки по Skype. Вы только представьте, уроки русского языка, как иностранного преподаёт голубоглазая блондинка из Сибири с фамилией, обозначающей 🐻 :))
Тут точно заговорит любой!

Hello! My name is Janа Ursu!

Урсу Яна Преподаватель английского языка, французского языка, русского как иностранного
I have been teaching English and French for 10 years. I graduated from Irkutsk State Linguistic University in 2011 as «A teacher of English and French languages and their cultures». But my education wasn’t finished at that point. I’m a board-certified specialist in:

  • French language in tourism
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • Advanced Certificate in TESOL (Canadian Institute of English)

First of all a good teacher is a good student. So it helps me to win my students’ respect as well as lets teach with freedom of speech.

I think that lessons of learning foreign languages should be in comfortable, anti-stressful, playful and informal atmosphere. That is the foundation of my work. I give lessons via Skype, so you can sit comfortably at home in front of your computer with a cup of coffee or tea.

According to my students’ opinion, they choose me because: 1) I explain material clearly and logical; 2) it’s possible to relax on my lessons. At the same time I’m a demanding and responsible teacher and I require the same from my students.

If you feel that you have got a huge desire to speak foreign languages and understand people who speak Russian, English and French and you want to immerse yourself into them, I’ll help you with pleasure.

Price of Skype lessons:

  • Russian as a foreign language — 2000 ₽ / lesson 60 minutes
  • Russian as a foreign language — 3000 ₽ / lesson 90 minutes
  • Intermediary language is English

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